Matt Ulery at Constellation
Matt Ulery at Constellation
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Matt Ulery at Constellation

(…) The Polish-born, Chicago-based singer Grazyna Auguscik has been central to Ulery’s enterprise from the start, but only in concert can one fully gauge what she and the instrumentalists can achieve together. They attained a high point in “Gone As It Always Was,” from the “By a Little Light” recording, Auguscik’s long-held notes floating just above the instrumental swirl. As Auguscik unspooled wordless legato lines and other worldly tones, the band provided a surging instrumental crescendo, bringing this music into operatic dimension.

The evening also included a new work, “Pictures in Grey,” the piece establishing that Ulery is not content to recycle the ideas of “By a Little Light” and “In the Ivory.” Passages in which Auguscik and Ulery sang together were more declamatory than any of the composer’s earlier music for voice, while the instrumental writing proved edgier and more rhythmically turbulent than one has come to expect from him. (…)
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Review by Howard Reich on Chicago Tribune

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