The Beatles Nova

Singer, composer, arranger, and producer Grazyna Auguscik has won the praise and admiration of music critics, jazz enthusiasts and even non-jazz audiences with a singular voice that speaks a universal language. She is one of the most intriguing contemporary vocalists on today’s world jazz scene. Her elusive style challenges traditional definitions of jazz and shows a vocalist and musician without boundaries. Her unorthodox approach to rewriting classic works pays tribute to their authors and at the same time is an adventure into uncharted territory. Furthermore, her original music gives a fresh taste of uncanny flavor.

The Beatles Latin jazz? Exactly!
“The Beatles Nova”, a joint project of Polish singer Grazyna Auguscik and Brazilian guitarist Paulinho Garcia is a surprising and novel look at the achievements of the greatest group of all time. Organic, even intimate arrangement for guitar and two voices with the occasional accompaniment of bass, flute, or trumpet, and the inherent, Latin percussion instruments give a whole new dimension to classic rock songs, but on the other hand, remain in a deep respect for the original.

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The moment I heard you on KCSM, I literally stopped in my tracks until when I’m 64 was finished. It was love at first heard!!! I’m suppose to be doing something more improtant than typing this email right now…but you are definately worth my time.

I love your blend, your tone, your feel and especially your interwoven and ungilating notes of harmony. Pretty cool! Great sound!

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