Living These Times

Argentinian-born bassist Fernando Huergo debuts with this sophisticated, Latin-tinged jazz recording, which features all original material, save for a lively samba arrangement of “How High the Moon.” The ensembles range from four to eight members, although Huergo and pianist Alain Mallet team up for a tranquil duet on “Zamba Para Jorge y Emiliano.” Huergo performs with tremendous facility and lyricism on both electric and acoustic basses, although he pours it on a bit thick by soloing on nearly every tune. Strong improvisations are also heard from Mallet, flutist Anders Bostrom, and saxophonists Jacques Schwarz-Bart and Ole Mathisen, with vocalists Luciana Souza and Grazyna Auguscik adding additional layers at times. (Mallet’s Wurlitzer on the closing “Afterwards” is marvelous.) Huergo’s compositional voice ranges widely, from the complex, kinetic lines heard on “Albiazul (White and Blue)” and the title track to the more pop funky sound of “October.”

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