Sounds and Notes

The Sounds and Notes of Chopin come to Chicago through a unique Festival entitled “Chopin IN the City”

“Chopin IN the City” is a celebration of the life and genius of Frederic Chopin displayed in a rich program of concerts, presentations, film screenings, and music workshops, aimed at audiences of all age groups and backgrounds. The program will showcase a wide range of forms and styles of music including classical, jazz, and world music – all integrating Chopin’s compositions.
The focus of the festival, is to promote the music of Frederic Chopin, among devoted followers, and to raise awareness of his musical genius among audiences who may not be familiar with Chopin and his musical compositions.
The organizers aim to achieve this by bringing Chopin’s tunes to various neighborhoods, and nontraditional performance spaces around the city. This includes not just the communities of Polish heritage, but general populations of the city as well.
From an educational perspective, showcasing Chopin’s artistic achievements and the life he lived, will bring a broader historical context when focusing on the era in which he lived and worked.
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The “Chopin IN the City” festival will take place around the time of the composer’s birthday between February 22 – March 1, 2017. Events will be held in performance spaces around Chicago, including the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland,  Piano Forte Foundation, University of Chicago, Alliance Francaise, the Art Institute of Chicago, Green Mill Jazz Club, Art Gallery Café, the Frederic Chopin Polish School in Palatine.
The music festival will showcase renown Chicago-based performers including Grażyna Auguścik, Jarek Gołębiowski, Ben Lewis, Rob Clearfield, Bethany Hamilton, John Kregor, Matt Ulery, David Onderdonk, Melissa Bach, Ronnie Malley, Jan Maksin, Gabriel Datcu, Yang Wei, plus students from School of Music at the Paderewski Symphony Orchestra, and the Frederic Chopin Polish School, among others.
The special guests of the festival will be international jazz pianist Andrzej Jagodzinski from Poland. And classical pianist Magdalena Stern-Baczewska from NY.